Bewegungstrainer | EVERFIT WELLY-E COMBI
Bewegungstrainer | EVERFIT WELLY-E COMBI
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Bewegungstrainer | EVERFIT WELLY-E COMBI

    Use ideal for toning and strengthening arms and legs even at the same time. Suitable for physical therapy
    Computer functions distance, time, calories, scan, speed, total count, 5 pre-set programs
    Resistance adjustment motorized
    Rotation speed from 28 to 76 rpm (12 levels)
    Motor Nr. 2 direct-current 230 Volts / 2 x 70 Watt
    Direction forward and reverse directions
    Pedals ergonomic shape. With strap
    Handles ergonomic shape for a more comfortable grip
    Height adjustable
    Weight 15 Kg
    Set up size 720 x 635 x 950/1048 mm
    Packaging full color box
    Gross weight 17 Kg
    Packing size 810 x 690 x 205 mm
    Compliances CE-ROHS